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  • Virus Removal
  • Device Driver Update
  • Email Configuration & Troubleshooting
  • PC Optimization
  • Installation & Un-installation
  • Virus, Spyware Removal

  • Device Driver Update/Troubleshooting

  • Email Configuration & Troubleshooting

  • PC Optimization/ Repair

  • Software Installation & Un-installation

Resolve any Computer Issues

Are you being slowed down by pesky problems on your PC? We’re here to help. We offer superior computer support solutions to solve your PC problems. We cater to individuals, small, and medium sized businesses. Our experienced technicians can help you solve your most troublesome issues with our variety of solutions.

Meet Our Computer Support Experts

Our skilled team of support technicians have the experience and expertise to help you with even the most difficult PC problems. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you with your computer emergencies. The experts at Teknicians are ready to help you resolve your PC problems.

  • Ben


    3 years experience 2,657 cases resolved

  • Jacob


    2 years experience 2,324 cases resolved

  • Jennifer


    2 years experience 2,968 cases resolved

What our Customer says

I had a decent experience with Teknicians.

  • A very fast and efficient repair carried out by professionals. The service cannot be faulted. I can think of no improvements that could be made to your efficient and professional service. Thank you for being there!

    Dave ,

  • The tech went beyond what Teknicians would normally do to help me, because I am a computer dummy Your service is the best investment I have made for our computer!!!!! You have no idea how much your tech”s have helped me the assorted issues. Teknicians rocks!!…

    Cattellett ,

  • You always are kind and patient with me. I am not a computer wiz and you always help me with my problems. I have already told others about you and will continue to tell others about you.

    Finseth ,

  • Satisfactory result I think ll technical service is excellent. Unfortunately I am less content with your sales personnel approaches.

    Halim ,

  • The issue was resolved knowledgably, quickly, and satisfactorily. As usual, my response to this question is– If there is a better, faster way–Teknicians will HAVE IT!.