Network Set Up

Network Support For Your Computers

A computer network, often simply referred to as a network, is a collection of computers and devices interconnected by communications channels that facilitate communications among users and allow users to share resources. Networks may be classified according to a wide variety of characteristics. A computer network allows sharing of resources and information among interconnected devices.

  • Sharing hardware. In a networked environment, each computer on a network may access and use hardware resources on the network, such as printing a document on a shared network printer.
  • Facilitating communications. Using a network, people can communicate efficiently and easily via email, instant messaging, chat rooms, telephone, video telephone calls, and video conferencing.
  • Sharing files, data, and information. In a network environment, authorized user may access data and information stored on other computers on the network. The capability of providing access to data and information on shared storage devices is an important feature of many networks.

Teknicians Support for types of networks:

  • Local Area Network
  • Personal Area Network
  • Wide Area Network
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Intranets & Extranets

Teknicians’s expert technicians will support you at setting up your network for home or office. Our technician will walk you through the entire process of successfully setting up a network for your computers.

Teknicians Network support includes:

  • Setting up for wired or Wireless network for home or office
  • Connecting devices modem or router set up
  • Configuration of wireless or network connections on computer or laptop
  • Configuration of your network routers
  • Wireless connection testing
  • Peer to peer networking
  • Wireless security problems
  • Ethernet support

Teknicians Support for Different Routers:

  • Setup for Linksys Router
  • Support for Belkin Router
  • Setup for Netgear Router
  • Setup for Netgear Wireless Router
  • Setup for DLink Router
  • Setup for Asus Router
  • Setup for Cisco Router

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