Reviewed by: Samantha Smith
I had a decent experience with Teknicians. At first they had a tough time understanding the issue I was having but once they did – they were able to help me setup my wireless router and printer. They were on the phone with me for over 30 minutes. The only reason to give them a 3 star is because at first they didn’t understand me.

Reviewed by: Bonnie Gallimore
I tried very hard to get a refund due to several days of unanswered calls, disconnects after lengthy waits, and meanwhile service was not working and computer was at risk. Cust. Service kept insisting a tech help…I just wanted my money back and be done with the aggravation. Thankfully, she prevailed and I had such an excellent young man who addressed each problem successfully, stayed on the line with me. Towards the end we did have one of those disconnects but I called and immediately got not RANDY, but VICTOR who was seated right next to him and ready to take over, familiar with what RANDY had been doing. He successfully finished getting my computer ship-shape. THESE GUYS ROCK!

Reviewed by: Nico Peroni
My laptop crashed a couple nights ago while working on a school project. The tech I spoke to (Ben) helped troubleshoot so I was back online in under an hour. He explained exactly what caused the problem and recovered my files. I think the annual plan is a necessity because I can call anytime if/when this happens again. Thanks Ben!

Reviewed by: Carly Howe
I spoke to Matt one of the experts at my tech and let me tell you I could not be happier. He was not only the one who fix what 2 others could not do but I was so stressed do to the viruses I had gotten on my brand new 4 month old computer I was getting headaches. Well Matt had such a great personality I forgot I was having problems next thing I was up and running no headaches no stress. He was awesome. I will ask for him every time I have a issue

Reviewed by: Renee Horne
Just want to say thank you for such excellent service. I called twice in order to get my new smartphone set up and to solve a problem. Both Stephen and Ian were incredibly knowledgeable, humorous, patient and above all helped me to get the issues resolved. I was very, very impressed!

Reviewed by: Barton
I believe my issues were resolved. My technician was extremely polite and helpful. I am very satisfied. A reduced price would be very nice!…

Reviewed by: Davies
The issue was resolved knowledgeably, quickly, and satisfactorily. As usual, my response to this question is– If there is a better, faster way Teknicians INC will HAVE IT!.

Reviewed by: Halim
Satisfactory result I think ll technical service is excellent. Unfortunately I am less content with your sales personnel approaches.

Reviewed by: Finseth
You are always kind and patient with me. I am not a computer wiz and you always help me with my problems. I have already told others about you and will continue to tell others about you.

Reviewed by: Cattellett
The tech went beyond what Teknicians would normally do to help me, because I am a computer dummy Your service is the best investment I have made for our computer!!!!! You have no idea how much your tech”s have helped me the assorted issues. Teknicians rocks!!…

Reviewed by: Dave
Azery fast and efficient repair carried out by professionals. The service cannot be faulted. I can think of no improvements that could be made to your efficient and professional service. Thank you for being there!