Wi-Fi Support

Wi-Fi Support For Your Computers

A Wi-Fi enabled device such as a personal computer, video game console, smartphone, or digital audio player can connect to the Internet when within range of a wireless network connected to the Internet. The coverage of one or more (interconnected) access points — called hotspots — can comprise an area as small as a few rooms, work place or as large as many square miles. Routers that incorporate a digital subscriber line modem or a cable modem and a Wi-Fi access point, often set up in homes and other premises, can provide Internet access and internet working to all devices connected (wireless or by cable) to them.

Teknicians Support For Wi-Fi

Teknicians expert technicians will support you at setting up your wireless network for home or office. Our technicians will walk you through the entire process of successfully setting up a network for your computers.

Teknicians Wi-Fi Network support includes:

  • Setting up for wired or Wireless network for home or office
  • Troubleshooting of your wireless device and computer or laptop
  • Connecting devices modem or router set up
  • Configuration of wireless or network connections on computer or laptop
  • Configuration of your network routers
  • Wireless connection testing
  • Wireless security
  • Wireless security problems


Standard Devices

A wireless access point (WAP) connects a group of wireless devices to an adjacent wired LAN. An access point resembles a network hub, relaying data between connected wireless devices in addition to a (usually) single connected wired device, most often an ethernet hub or switch, allowing wireless devices to communicate with other wired devices.

Teknicians Support for Different Routers:

  • Setup for Linksys Router
  • Support for Belkin Router
  • Setup for Netgear Router
  • Setup for Netgear Wireless Router
  • Setup for DLink Router
  • Setup for Asus Router
  • Setup for Cisco Router

Teknicians solutions help you to resolve all your Wi-Fi issues. For any problems with your network or Wi- Fi ,get in touch with one of our certified technicians.

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